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In search of ingenuity!

‘Colleagues here have the opportunity to contribute their own ideas to improve things in the plant. It's motivating to see that these suggestions are actually put to practice and benefit our work.

 Andreas Schmidt, Head of Metalworking at TENOWO Reichenbach


Ideas are the source of innovations

‘The exciting thing about R&D is to witness how a tiny idea grows and is implemented, step by step. How mind games become plans, how trying things out leads to new findings, and how creative thinking creates new opportunities. The first ideas become experiments, and these result in innovations.’

Projectteam R&D, TENOWO Hof


At home all over the world

‘Providing training to our colleagues at the new needle system in China was a great honour and challenge for me and my German colleagues. During this time, we had an opportunity to get to know and appreciate one another better, and we learned a great deal about one another’s cultures. Not least, it also led to genuine friendships.’

Wolfgang Reinle, Process Engineer, TENOWO Hof 


A family for generations

‘I’ve spent my entire professional life in the Hoftex Group. During this long period, my colleagues have become like family to me, the company a part of my home. In 2015 I celebrated 50-year career anniversary with my colleagues!’

 Horst Wolfrum, automobile technician, HOFTEX GROUP


Career and family life in harmony

‘The work-life balance was a top priority for me after my parental leave. The Hoftex Group has been a tremendous support in this. The company paved the way well for my return to work after parental leave. The flexible organisation of working hours and the opportunity to work part-time made it possible to help my children get acclimated to the nursery. This gives me enough time in the afternoons to look after my children and the housework. None of this would have been possible without the Hoftex Group working-time models tailored to colleagues’ family situations.’  

Petra Rieß, colleague at HOFTEX Dye Works Selbitz


Varied tasks and helpful colleagues

‘Hoftex Group AG offers me a broad insight into the world of IT and good support in mastering my daily tasks as an IT specialist trainee (system integration). My colleagues are always willing to listen to me if I have questions about what I'm learning in vocational school. I'm happy about the varied tasks such as maintaining old and implementing new devices, administering the servers or installing group-wide devices.’

Rafael Wellmann, Apprentice IT Specialist for System Integration, HOFTEXGROUP


Together we are strong

‘We entered two teams in the Upper Franconia Textile Forum bowling tournament. The cohesion and mutual support have carried over to the performance of each and ever y one, and we were able to celebrate the title together. Thanks to this very positive experience, the anticipation of this year's bowling tournament is now mounting. I hope we can return as a large team and defend our title.’ 


Synergetic Teamwork!

‘What I really enjoy at Hoftexgroup is the group-wide exchange between our employees. We are a multi-faceted team and each of us contributes our own ideas, impulses and suggestions. I particularly appreciate, for example, the synergetic, fresh, professionally encouraging and very collegial exchange with the NEUTEX marketing team. As different as the worlds of home deco textiles and nonwovens may be, we always find a common ground.’  

Jasmin Schieber, Marketing Specialist, TENOWO & Marcel Beucke, Marketing Manager, NEUTEX


We practice the creative spirit

‘For me as a textile designer NEUTEX offers an exciting playground for the implementation of new creative ideas in all textile areas. We collect our ideas at trade fairs, on trend travel in metropolises, surfing on the Internet or leafing through lifestyle and fashion magazines. It doesn’t always have to be about fabrics, either – inspiration can come from a stroll in nature or an attentive grasp of everyday influences! We literally live the creative spirit in the subsequent implementation in the form of trend concepts and high-selling collections.’

Dieter Queitsch, Designer NEUTEX Münchberg



Your Contact about Career:

Human Resource Dept.
Hoftex Group AG
D-95028 Hof/Saale

+49 (0)9281 49 0 hr(at)hoftexgroup.com





For more information about our training programm please see here:


Holiday Jobs

Currently no jobs available.


Study and Internships

Internship for school pupils and students

If you want to gain initial experience in the working world or find out what's really fun for you, then apply for an internship with us. This will help you discover which career suits you, how we work, and what it's like working here with us. Our experienced and highly qualified professionals will provide you with guidance you during this time and will tell you everything you need to know to prepare for your future career.

Degree theses

You are about to complete your studies and are planning your degree thesis? HOFTEX Group AG will be glad to help you prepare your thesis for the diploma, bachelor's or master's degrees. Degree theses are essentially possible in any of our divisions. Simply send us an application along with your desired topic or a proposed topic suggestion and convince us. Of course we will gladly help you locate a precise topic and will provide you information about the individual mentoring opportunities available to you.

Employment as a student trainee
You can work with HOFTEX Group AG even during your studies As a student trainee at HOFTEX Group AG, you can acquire practical experience during the semester. There are work opportunities in practically all divisions. In our Development Department in Hof, for instance. Your work schedule of between 10 and 20 hours per week will be determined individually in consultation with you.

Dual study courses (combined studies)
You want to gain professional practice from the 1st semester and combine training with studies? A dual study course at HOFTEX Group AG offers you many options. This is where theory and practice go hand in hand.