Simply VALUE-able!

In our day-to-day actions, values provide orientation while creating cohesion and a shared identity. The anchoring and implementation of our values ​​in everyday business is an ongoing process for colleagues and managers alike. To help everyone feel a sense of commitment to these values,​​ we promote an atmosphere of openness and team spirit. We are convinced that a value-oriented company management is the key to long-term and sustainable success for our group of companies.


Group objectives

As a medium-sized, family-run business, we intend to continue to pursue our strategy of earnings-based, sustainable growth and have defined common Group objectives that constitute the focus of our work.


solid financial strength

A Hoftex Group that has a strong capital backing forms the basis for all corporate activities. With the increase in the value of the company we increase the value for our shareholders, employees and customers in a sustainable manner and so assure the future of the company. The targets specified by the holding company are passed on to the business sectors to orient the corporate group towards profitability and an increase in value. Active capital management that is continuously optimised secures the maintenance of our financial strength. Our integrated risk management controls capital market risks.

intelligent growth

In order to build on our position as a worldwide supplier and partner for our customers, we want to grow internationally and expand our global presence. In existing markets we want to expand our market positions through innovative products with the best possible quality. We want to expand our product portfolio through the development of new fields of business. The strategic orientation is developed individually within the scope of the strategic corporate specifications with due regard for the diversified markets of the individual corporate sectors.

effective organisation

We make our customers successful with the best possible products and services. Our goal is to manufacture innovative products to the best possible standards of quality with maximum efficiency. To this end we orient our processes towards the principles of Lean Management and have a common understanding of quality throughout the company. The expansion of our research and development activities and the bundling of the unique know-how about textiles that we have in the corporate group is something that we regard as a basic task and as a factor for success.

committet employees

Our employees secure the sustained success of our company. Through professionalism, an awareness of quality, loyalty, an entrepreneurial way of acting and strong motivation they make a decisive contribution to the attainment of our strategic goal. There are people of all kinds of nationalities at our locations worldwide. As the Hoftex Group we regard ourselves as a family with common values that are based on trust, fairness, integrity, empathy, communication, collaboration and a sense of responsibility and an awareness of what value is. We promote the technical and social capabilities of our employees and orient our strategic Human Resource policies towards continuous promotion and qualification measures and an integrative management style. We want to be one of the most attractive employers in the markets that are relevant for us.

strong brand

We want to increase our corporate value with a strong brand. A positive image secures our position in the eyes of our customers. We focus our customer-oriented viewpoint onto your brands with a commitment in the orientation of our business sectors. The Hoftex Group intends to be an attractive partner for its employees, shareholders, business partners and the general public at the company locations. In this sense we tie in our commitment to the community with business-relevant topics.

Tenowo Detail

A new working world for our colleagues

The guiding theme behind the conversion project was tradition and modernity, recycling and teamwork. Accordingly, the result is a visionary office concept in this over a century old factory building and based on the sustainable idea of building upcycling.

While maintaining the authentic building structure, the architectural offices of fickenscher architektur+ created a modern open-space office landscape for around 50 members of staff that follows the symbolism of Renewal occurs from within. The claim behind the entire project was to unite sustainability and design. In addition to the full energetic modernisation of the old factory building, all of the materials were selected on the basis of sustainability and energy efficiency during the expansion. Thus, for instance, the fitted carpet was made from 100% recycled material and the wooden flooring came from native woods; sheep's wool was used as acoustic elements, and long-lasting office interiors were procured from suppliers and service providers in the region.

Following the eight-month project, staff were able to move back into the new working world in August 2016.

Some of the materials and methods used, their sustainability and energy efficiency:

  • Hollow floors from recycled waste paper and FGD gypsum
  • Fitted carpets from 100% recycled material
  • Wooden floors from native wood
  • Mineral based interior silicate paints used
  • Acoustic absorbent surfaces made from sheep's wool
  • Long-lasting, high-quality office interiors
  • Ecological compressed straw panels used as room dividers and shelving
  • Modular lighting system and individually dimmable workplace standard lamps
  • Open room ventilation system

Textile material and system to improve room acoustics and as sun shading